The Reality

9 of November 2021

I started writing this text in Swedish in March 2020 and I may alter it further a number of times.
Notice that I don't guarantee that my statements in this text are true, but I think they are worth considering.

I intend to write under three headlines, Existence Theory, Occult Concepts and Development Through Humanism.

I think that the relativity theory assigns ether properties to space, maybe mathematically equivalent.

Existence Theory

The things that exist are space, matter and properties of these two.
The space and the basic matter are eternal, they have always existed and they will always exist.

The space is absolutely straight, formless and endless. The space can not move, and has thereby a fixed but probably unmeasureable position. The space can not either have varying density, be compressed or tensioned. The space contains everything and its contents can in spatial sense be completely described in three dimensions.
This means that there can be no spiritual worlds, but there can be spiritual levels.
This also means that the expression "beyond time and space" is misleading nonsense.

When we in physics get an unreasonable result we can accept it or reject it.
To accept it can mean that we have to use strange explanation models.
For example 11-dimensional strings, curved space and negative time. Resonably more religion than physics.
To reject it means that we realize that we have erroneous presumptions.
An example from mathematics is imaginary numbers, they are caused by the erronous presumption that we have positive and negative numbers. In reality it is the thing we measure or calculate a value for that is positive, negative or neutral. A number is always neutral. We also need a separat sign for and.
One source of error can be that we reject the old logic ether theory, almost all do in our time.
It would be better if we tried to develope it, with our current understanding of technical possibilities.
To explain dark matter we must probably return to the old ether theory, dark matter is probably mainly ether matter. The amount of dark matter is probably very underestimated.
The reason why energy appears in steps in particle physics can be that subatomic particles accumulate and emit ether particles, something that for natural reasons has to be done in steps.
The unpredictability in quantum mechanics probably depends on that physics not yet has found the crucial factors.
The ether is probably universal and probably forms an atmosphere around the planet Earth. Therefore incoming light always has the same speed, no matter its speed in space and from the source relative to Earth. I expect the ether atmosphere to have a gradually lower pressure than the surrounding ether. The ether probably looses kinetic energy gradually in direction towards a heavenly body, where many collisions with physical matter occur. The energy probably goes back as vibrations. Since energy is indestructible, it can only be transformed. Gravitation is probably a difference in ether pressure.
The probably faulty assumption that heavenly bodies can not have an ether atmosphere seems to have caused the relativity theory, and the belief that the speed of light is invariable regardless of reference system. A number of experiments to investigate the ether theory showed reasonable wind results for an ether atmosphere. But all such experiments shall be made outdoors. Further a heavenly body that does not contain ether would probably collapse and become a black hole.

Basic matter is the only thing that can experience and the only thing that can move.
Linear motion is relative while rotational motion är absolute. From a total view motion can not cease to exist, only change.
Energy and time are measures of motion and basic matter occurs i complex aggregates or structures that we call elementary particles.
Basic matter also occurs in at least one ether level, that gives power to elementary particle motion.
Elementary particles rectify the bouncing chance motion of the ether particles.
If we learn to rectify ether particle motion we have an enormous source of energy.
Matter can not be transformed to energy or vice versa, but elementary particles can be blown and emit energy. Elementary particles probably rotate at a very high speed, thereof the big energy released when they are blown.
The kinetic energy probably increases linearly at high speeds. Otherwise the kinetic energy för a vehicle could exceed the fuel energy used, and could theoretically give us a perpetual motion machine. The total existence is probably the only possible perpetual motion machine.
Signals from elementary particles direct other elementary particles in the surrounding through the ether, this radio control is the explanation to otherwise incomprehensible attraction and repulsion.
One way to extract ether energy should thus be to direct elementary particles through signals.
The radio control also explains why we are not pressed down through the ground by gravitation, although the physical matter is so extremely sparse that it otherwise impossibly could keep us on the surface.

Occult Concepts

Many things indicate that there is more than the physical level, also that a part of existence.
I have tried to sort out truths from the big amount of occult doctrines, some is my own experience.

We probably have three levels of matter, physical, astral and spiritual.
The spiritual level has a big power to control the other levels, but is not superior in moral matters.
Spiritual level leaders often drag behind the physical level in development of human rights.
Generally it is more important what we do than what level we are on.
There can absolutely not be some high level God, in that case the world would not be what it is.
The word God is probably an abbreviation of Group Of Directors, the spritual group that directs our world.
I believe that a small percentage of all names have meanings, pretty often syllable initials in English. For example the New Age-leader Morya, known as Master Ray A.
The democracy proponents are probably the most influential group on the spiritual level in our time.
I consider it very important to have a big, but not total, free will. As in a good democracy.
The old fashioned spiritual groups that advocate hard punishment and submission will probably have to give in. The white brotherhood of western occultism seems to belong to the old fashioned spiritual groups.
Spiritual evil is sometimes called so high that we can't understand it, of course nonsence.
To be Christ should be to have a human view of man, not to be some certain person.

Also our bodies probably have the three levels, body levels sometimes wrongly described as beings.
The three levels can be illusionary and seem to be a number of levels. The astral level also has many kingdoms, ranging from exemplary to directly objectionable. In our dreams we are often on the astral level.
The spiritual level is far ahead of us in technical development, it has a telepathic internet for example used to transmit inspiration to us. Also this internet has different degrees of authorization.
Many of our good and bad deeds are at least partly results of spiritual influence in a wide sense.
The soul is the core in the human being, probably localized to the spiritual body.
If there are three ether levels speeds far above the known speed of light can be possible on the astral level and on the spiritual level. It would enable the space empires in at least some religious teachings.
Such speeds of communication would also enable the seemingly momentaneous contact between elementary particles observed in quantum mechanics.
Beings on the spiritual level usually don't affect results in scientific experiments, but can in rare cases do it. This can be the reason for the different results achieved in quantum mechanics depending on whether we observe or don't observe a process. Of course a fault in the investigation method can also be the reason, that the way to observe affects the result.

A human being on the physical level normally has at least two assisting spirits, a body elemental to care for the body and an angel to care for the rest. It is probably the angel who blocks our memories from the other levels, the idea is that we shall get new perspectives in our life on earth. The elemental is a specialist doctor in many fields, but is also obliged to execute some judgements from spiritual leaders.
The angel is sometimes called guardian angel, sometimes judgement angel and sometimes falsely the true self. We have normally no conscious contact with this angel, but inspiration is one mission for this angel.
Also the assisting angel is obliged to execute judgements from spiritual leaders, sometimes unwillingly when these judgements are crazy.
I consider angels, elementals and humans groups of professions, not different kinds of beings.
Regarding birth to the physical level I believe that some are born zero times, some once and some a number of times. A human on the physical level normally has a mission and a life plan.
If you are interested in occultism don't trust the marketing, there are medial leaders who have a contact with non physical levels just as negative as for a schizophrenia patient without medication. Such leaders can hurt you severly. Moreover an occult book can have a percentage of faults that never would be accepted in an ordinary study book, unfortunately skeptics are often more right than believers on this planet. Worth to mention is also that those who believe that one way of life suits all are wrong. Finally: Don't believe in the occult rejection of human love, it is an invaluable part of our earthian lives.

Development Through Humanism

What is needed for the future of humanity is humanism through reformism, this holds on all levels.
A humanism that rather comes from social liberalism than from religions.
Our increasing economic dependence of each other on the physical level will probably take us further on the right path, but it can take at least 100 years to accomplish global humanism.
I don't mean that we shall have humanism beyond any limit, that would make us inhuman to ourselves.
Humanism is well-known and doesn't take a lengthy description, but it is important to not be hard unnecessarily. Humanism is clearly related to existence, without humanism we risk to annihilate ourselves.
Many extreme religious groups constantly fight humanism, in the long run they will reasonably fail.

Written by Lars Bobeck.